I was challenged to try this special glass from Devardi, and was lucky to find another Danish beadmaker who could spare me some samples, thanks Marianne!

First I couldn’t get the metallic sheen at all, but after an evenings experiments and kind advice from Natasha at Devardi, I got it!

See for yourself…..

This was done on my GOLDSMITH TORCH, with the biggest nozzle – lots of air,not full gas, a hissing flame, and I turned the air-intake a bit down for the final reduction.

I found the bigger beads (which have a clear core) easier to handle, as they don’t heat up and cool down as fast as the small one – and the trick for me, besides finding the right balance and the right spot in the flame, was to cool down the bead a lot longer between each flick in the flame, as I normally would.

I need more practice in this, it is not easy, and the beads are not perfect, but that I put on my lack of experience!

The colour is more coppery than golden, but maybe that is the light? or perhaps this particular batch of glass?

March 19, 2011 at 10:22 pm by admin
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