After a long time of silence I decided to start fresh – this time with my own site.

At the moment making glass beads, flamework, has caught my interest, so other things have been pushed aside for the time being.

Here is my work place:

The torch is my goldsmith single fuel burner fastened in a vise – It is not as big as a Hothead, but works the same way, only more adjustable.

On both sides I have raised the table 10 cm, to give more elbow/wrist support, as a goldsmith I am used to work in this position. The rounds thingies are soft leather cushions filled with sand.

In the background left is an electric slow-cooker with vermicullite, I have no oven, and this way the beads don’t crack so easily.

A closeup of the burner:

There is a selection of nozzles to change the size of the flame, this is the second largest and the one I find easiest to control. The bigger one gets very hot and is also quite bushy, good for melting larger quantities like when blending colours. But difficult to control, so I don’t use it much.

On this one I can make a nice neutral flame, even a slightly oxidizing (though small) flame.

I find it challenging to use this setup, as I can’t spend lots on equipment, and though it has taken me a while to really learn to judge and control the flame, it was well worth it!

Here are some of my beads, made for colour samples:

More to come, stay tuned!

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