My passion is crafts - textile, metal, wood and now glass, I want to try it all, and sharing with like-minded people is an important part of it. I am a retired gold-smith living in Denmark in the countryside with my husband and our various creatures.

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Category: Calendar

January 24. - January 26, 2012 by admin


Today was clear, sunny and very cold, -1 C, but the wind was strong making the equivalent of -16C. Brrr! Nevertheless I was crawling around on all four in the hedgerow, taking this picture of the first springflowers breaking through on a southern slope. Don’t know if they are snowdrops or crocus, but never mind, I just love their persistence and the promises they make…quite heartwarming!

This winter has been very, very mild, it is actually the first real frost we have now. Yesterday I was pruning some fruit trees, the buds are swelling, and the green has started to show on the raspberri buds. Too early, way too early! I hope the frost will set them back a bit, so they won’t flower prematurely….

Sunup: 8.29

Sundown: 16.35

The day is 1 hour 18 minutes longer.