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Category: Machine knitting

How to use the pickups - June 29, 2011 by admin

Here is an explanation on how to use the pickups, as well as I can:

For picking up dropped stitches you here see the hook or dental pick, the pickup and the transfer tool.

As you see, the pickup is pointed as the hook and has the eye like the transfer tool – this makes it so much easier to insert into the dropped stitch, especially in very fine and dense knitting, and easy to transfer the stitch to the needle.

The transfer tool can be very difficult to get into the tiny stitch in the first place, like here:

The hook is fine for that – but when it comes to transferring the stitch, it is easy to miss the needle when using the hook, especially if you are doing fine knitting and eyesight is not what it used to be….with the pickups you can FEEL that the tool is in place on the needle before flipping the stitch over, ensuring that you won’t drop it again.

It goes like this:

Insert the tip of the tool (I turn it sideways) into the stitch.


Now the stitch is secure on the shaft, and the curve of the tip prevents dropping it while working, for instance if you are crossing stitches and using two at the time..

place the pickup on the needle, wiggle it a tiny bit sidewas to make sure the needle is in place if you have trouble seeing it

and flip the tool up to transfer the stitch.

You can buy the pickups by sending me an email, I want to keep costs down so I prefer not to post them on etsy, ebay etc.

I make them myself (when my hands allow me to), including the handturned wooden handles, which are all different.

The pickups can be used with standard (4.5mm) or fine (3.6mm) machine, the pictures are showing a standard machine.

The price is 16 € plus posting.

Posting as a letter to European countries is €2, the rest of the world €3.

Email me at