My passion is crafts - textile, metal, wood and now glass, I want to try it all, and sharing with like-minded people is an important part of it. I am a retired gold-smith living in Denmark in the countryside with my husband and our various creatures.

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Category: Health

I got a new hand today!!! - March 29, 2011 by admin

Today was a very exciting day – I went to the hospital halfway expecting to be rejected again, like last week, because of some minor scratches on my hands. This time they were not red, I had soaked them in intiseptics over the last few days, so the surgeon gave a go ahead.

I had a prosthesis implanted between thumb and vrist, it went well and looks like this:

just like a hip joit, but smaller.

All the cartelige in the joint was worn away, litterally, so doctor said it was high time it was done….no wonder it was painful.

Now I have this dead strange appendix attached to my left shoulder, I feel like a rag doll with no control and feeling in this limp alltogether. Once the anestaetics wear off (the whole procedure was done with local anasteatic only), I can start working out how to manage with one hand, that will be interesting….

I have just played with knitting with left foot and right hand, looks promising so far;-)

But i will be catching up on some reading for a while, any crafts will have to wait a while. Till then,have a nice time everybody – and a greatful thanks for all the support I have received from friends all over, it has meant a lot to me.