Fractal spinning – fraktal spinning

I have done a few samples of fractal spinning, a method where you split the tops lengtwise into fractions, then you spin two different fractions from the end into singles and ply them together.

This way you ply one single with a certain lenght of the given colour sequens with another single with a different length of colour sequense. This looks very interesting when knit:

Left: the top as is, and a bit plyed from 1/4 + 1/4 tops.

Middle:  ½ top plied with 1/4 top

Right:  ½ top plied with 1/8 top

Next I will try full whith top with ½ top to get longer stripe sequence. Interesting!


Jeg har leget med fraktal spinding hvor man splitter sin top på langs i smallere og smallere stykker, og så spinder to singler af forskellige tykkelser. De spindes fra enden for at bevare farveforløbet, som giver en helt speciel virkning når de tvindes.

Venstre: Den oprindelig top og et stykke lavet af 1/4 +1/4 top tvundet sammen.

Midten: ½ top + 1/4 top tvundet.

Højre: ½ top + 1/8 top tvundet.

Næste gang vil jeg prøve med en hel top tvundet med ½, for at få længere stribeforløb. Spændende!

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Colour sequence yarn

I did this recently. On 15/2 lambswool, 25 g of each. More to come….I call it ColourSequence.

Next lot will be dyed on Supersoft 11.5/2, don’t know what colour yet!

ColourSequence Viol

Jeg lavede dette fornylig. På 15/2 lammeuld, jeg kalder det ColourSequence. Der kommer mere, næste portion bliver farvet på supersoft 11.5/2, ved ikke rigtig hvad farve endnu.

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What happened to the baby rabbits?

The little cuties I showed last year, didn’t all survive. Two of them died over the first couple of days, obviously they had caught the bloated belly bug from their mum.

The last one, however, is alive and kicking! We named him Ozzie, and he did very well on feline milk formula and lots of greens.

De små kaninbabes jeg skrev om sidste år, overlevede ikke allesammen. To af dem døde i løbet af de første dage, de havde fået samme sygdom som deres mor. Men den sidste, som vi kaldte Ozzie, klarede den fint på katte-mælke-erstatning og masser af grønt.

Malte loved the leftovers….

First we had Ozzie in a cage in our living room, as he got bigger and he was weaned we took him to the washing room, and finally outside. Here he is on one of his first outings in the garden, Malte watching over him:

Malte var vild med resterne…

Først havde vi Ozzie i et bur i stuen, da han blev større og skulle vænnes fra kom han ud i bryggerset og endelig helt udenfor. Her er han på en af sine første udflugter i haven, vel bevogtet af Malte:

When he was 3 months old he got interested in the other rabbits, so he got his own cage next to the others, but he is  running free in our garden when the wheather is dry. He still comes to us ever so often to be cuddled, and he is still friendly with the dogs, so he is very easy to control.

Here he is, just before shearing:

Da han var 3 måneder gammel og blev interesseret i de andre kaniner, fik han sit eget bur sammen med dem, men han løber stadig frit rundt i haven når det er tørt i vejret. Han kommer stadig hen til os tit og ofte for at få en nussetur, og han er stadig venner med hundene, så han er nem at fange.

Her er han, lige før en klipning:

Still cute, but definately not a baby anymore!

Stadig sød, men bestemt ingen baby!

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Goodbye my friend – farvel min ven

Photo by Henry Skodell

On January the 22. we lost our very close friend Oleg Zacharov.  Here are my words of farewell.

Den 22. januar mistede vi vores meget nære ven, Oleg Zacharov. Her er mine afskedsord.


You were one of a kind. Your special appearance, your forthcomingness and your joyful mood, your appetite on life, your spontaneity and your ever exploring nature. Your caring and helpful character and your tireless energy.

Warrior, multi-artist, wandering encyclopedia, scientist, nerd, initiator, problem solver, playful child, craftsman, drinking brother, husband, son, brother, father and friend.

Many are we, whose life you have touched on your way, and many are we who miss and mourn. Your journey on earth will be remembered for ages to come.

Your departure has brought us together, old friends reunite, old disputes are forgotten, so that we may share our sorrow and our memories.

It has been an honor, a privilege and very, very entertaining to be your friend. For that I am eternally grateful.

The world moves on, like nothing happened.  A strange feeling.  But we have to hang on and keep going, until everyday life catches up with us; until the memories can be put to rest in a beautiful, inner treasury, to be brought out and enjoyed in a peaceful mind. We must help each other do this, we who are left behind.

You drank life in big, thirsty gulps –Hope you enjoyed it fully.

And yes, I will be looking after them for you.

Honored be thy memory,



Du var en ener. Din specielle fremtoning, din imødekommenhed og dit sprudlende humør, din livsappetit, din spontanitet og dit evigt udforskende væsen. Din store omsorg og hjælpsomhed, og din utrættelige energi.

Kriger, multikunstner, omvandrende opslagsværk, videnskabsmand, nørd, igangsætter, problemknuser, legebarn, håndværker, drikkebroder, husbond, søn, bror, far og ven.

Mange er vi, hvis liv du har berørt på din vej, og mange er vi der savner og sørger. Din færd på jord vil der stå frasagn om i lange, lange tider.

Din afrejse har bragt os sammen, gamle venskaber genopstår, gamle tvister glemmes, at vi kan dele vores sorg og vore minder med hinanden.

Det har været en ære, et privilegium og særdeles underholdende at være din ven. For det er jeg evigt taknemmelig.

Verden går videre, som om intet var hændt, en underlig fornemmelse. Men vi må hænge på og følge med, til hverdagen igen indhenter os, til minderne kan lægges i et smukt lille indre gemme, man kan dvæle ved og glædes over med fred i sindet. Det skal vi hjælpe hinanden med, os der er tilbage.

Du drak livet i store tørstige slurke – gid det bekom dig vel!

Og ja, jeg skal nok se efter dem for dig.

Æret være dit minde,


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Cute factor 12 out of 10

Two days ago one of my angora rabbits died suddenly, leaving 3 babies aged 15 days. So what to do?

Of course we have to try hand feeding them, even though the chances for their survival is not the best.

We gave them an emergency meal of lactose, water and whip cream, planted a cage in the middle of the living room… next day we got hold of some kitten milk formula which is supposed to be the closest you can get to rabbits milk.

Malte, our male dog has taken them in as his own, carefully guarding them and (not so carefully) washing them – well, for that part, better him than me…Nøvsen, our female, is visiting but doesn’t really want to be involved.

Today is third day of handfeeding them, and they are doing just fine. They feed only twice a day, so it is a quite easy job.  And here they are:

Malte watching over his family

Cute as can be

Dinner is served

Falling asleep on a full tummy

Bestest friends

Nøvsen taking a sniff, "who are you?"

Aren’t they just scrumptious?









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Beaded necklace

A few days ago I managed to finish this for a customer:


I used Effetre 221 as core, covered one end with Cim Lapis, the other with Effetre 081. Swirled some SI stringer around the center, pressed and made spirals.

Silverwork, sterling, by yours truely.

It was recieved well!


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January 24.


Today was clear, sunny and very cold, -1 C, but the wind was strong making the equivalent of -16C. Brrr! Nevertheless I was crawling around on all four in the hedgerow, taking this picture of the first springflowers breaking through on a southern slope. Don’t know if they are snowdrops or crocus, but never mind, I just love their persistence and the promises they make…quite heartwarming!

This winter has been very, very mild, it is actually the first real frost we have now. Yesterday I was pruning some fruit trees, the buds are swelling, and the green has started to show on the raspberri buds. Too early, way too early! I hope the frost will set them back a bit, so they won’t flower prematurely….

Sunup: 8.29

Sundown: 16.35

The day is 1 hour 18 minutes longer.


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Winter solstice December 21. 2011 (belated)

Once again we hit the shortest day of the year, to me it is the day that marks the beginning of a new year, a day that is full of hope and celebration. This day means more to me than christmas and New year together!

It is also our wedding day, this year our 15th, so plenty of reason for celebrating this dark day in December.

In the coming year I will try to make a journal based on what is happening around us in the nature. Eventually with drawings, but for now photos will have to do.

This first entry is about light in the dark – as solstice is to me, a heartwarming reassurance that the light will return, the days will get longer and warmer.

Todays facts:

sunup at 8.53, sundown at 15.41. Length of day: 6 hours 48 minutes.

Weather is mild, dark and wet, we have had no snow till now, and hardly any freezing nights.

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Cutting murrini slices with diamond cutter disc tutorial

I got hit by the murrini bug a little while ago, and have had loads of fun (and frustrations) construction murrini canes. I find using cutters for cutting murrini slices difficult and was advised to use a glass cutting machine in stead, but I wanted a less costly solution. Here is the result:

This is a 2.3 mm shaft diamond cutter, in a flexi-shaft mounted in an old hanging dentist drill. Available online at goldsmith suppliers, or google “mini diamond cutting disc”. Choose the fine grate type. Price about $20
You might be able to use a Dreml or similar machine, if it runs slow enough. My Dreml can’t go slower than 5.000 rpm, and that is too fast for this!!!
then it would be better with a flexi-shaft mounted in a household (battery) drill.
Holding my hands over a pot of water and keeping my left hand wet allowing enough water to run and keep the cutting place wet. Otherwise stop the cutter and dip.
Close up of the cutting – it is extremely important you hold the handle with the cutter as shown. If you hold it like a pencil, you have no control of it and you risk injuring yourself badly. Both wrists must rest on something steady (here the edge of the pot), and you need to tighten your hands and press your right thumb agains the glass rod to press agains the rotation of the cutter.
A nice thin slice – can be thinner still. They all land in the pot, in stead of flying all over the place.
All glass dust is wet and therefore harmless.

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How to use the pickups

Here is an explanation on how to use the pickups, as well as I can:

For picking up dropped stitches you here see the hook or dental pick, the pickup and the transfer tool.

As you see, the pickup is pointed as the hook and has the eye like the transfer tool – this makes it so much easier to insert into the dropped stitch, especially in very fine and dense knitting, and easy to transfer the stitch to the needle.

The transfer tool can be very difficult to get into the tiny stitch in the first place, like here:

The hook is fine for that – but when it comes to transferring the stitch, it is easy to miss the needle when using the hook, especially if you are doing fine knitting and eyesight is not what it used to be….with the pickups you can FEEL that the tool is in place on the needle before flipping the stitch over, ensuring that you won’t drop it again.

It goes like this:

Insert the tip of the tool (I turn it sideways) into the stitch.


Now the stitch is secure on the shaft, and the curve of the tip prevents dropping it while working, for instance if you are crossing stitches and using two at the time..

place the pickup on the needle, wiggle it a tiny bit sidewas to make sure the needle is in place if you have trouble seeing it

and flip the tool up to transfer the stitch.

You can buy the pickups by sending me an email, I want to keep costs down so I prefer not to post them on etsy, ebay etc.

I make them myself (when my hands allow me to), including the handturned wooden handles, which are all different.

The pickups can be used with standard (4.5mm) or fine (3.6mm) machine, the pictures are showing a standard machine.

The price is 16 € plus posting.

Posting as a letter to European countries is €2, the rest of the world €3.

Email me at


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